GFM 2.0

GFM 2.0

Effective device for measuring large gases leaks.


Due to using a suitcase design, the user has the ability do carry the device comfortably using a special backpack. Durable materials and their quality have made it possible to obtain ATEX certification. The low weight of the device, combined with the ability to carry the detector as a backpack, gave this product convenience and mobility to use.


The use of high-tech system to optimize the detector's permormance has made it possible to increase its effeciency and achive 8 hours of continuous detector operation.


Innovative technologies used in the detector allow rapid measurement of small as well as large gas leaks. Detection is carried out by drawing a mass of air into the device where infrared optical sensors immediately return information about the concentration of gas. The device allows to intake of up to 350 l/min of air while maintaining excellent reading precision.


The device allows working even in the most difficult conditions. Through the technology used in the device, leaks detection is possible even at -20°C. The way the device is carried guarantees comfort and safety by freeing the hands from holding the detector. Thanks to this solution, the user can move freely e.g. on a ladder.


GFM 2.0 allows user to read data in real time from user's android smartphone. This solutions makes using the device incredibly intuituve and fast.

Technical specification

Display TFT Display
Buttons On/Off
Conectivity Bluetooth, USB
Software Android
Standard displayed data Sampling flow speed

Battery status

Concentration of measured gas

Backgound air concentration

Value calculation Leakage volume is calculated with sample flow, gas sample concentration and background concentration
Measured leakage value 0.28 up to 350.0 l/min; 0.01 up to 14.2 kg/hr
Minimum leakage value 0.22 l/min; 0.009 kg/hr
Measurement accuracy +/- 5% measured value



Working: -20°C - 50°C

Storaged: -40°C - 60°C

5% - 95% RH (non-condensation)

Gas flow Maximum: 350 l/min; 14.2 kg/hr

Medium: 250 l/min; 10.2 kg/hr

Low; 150 l/min; 6.10 kg/hr

Flow measurement method Pressure drop across the Venturi tube
Methan sensor Optical NDIR

Range: 0-100% methan

Oxygen correction sensor Electrochemical O2 sensor with auto-correction function if the concentration of the measured gas is between 5 and 100% by volume
Battery Intrinsically safe, low-temperature LiPo 3.7V
Device memory Last 50 work hours
Dimensions 29cm x 28.5cm x 10cm
Weight 4.2 kg
Certificates UL Class I, Div 2, CE Atex






GFM 2.0