Gas controler JBS-600

Product features:

  • Ability to manage up to 32 sensors.
  • 4-inch display allowing continuous monitoring of alarm statuses and gas concentrations sent from the sensor in real-time.
  • A simple and intuitive method of navigating through the software using either a touchscreen or a navigational keyboard.
  • Compatibility with various types of sensors such as NET-Ex, C3-NET, or JBS-410.
  • Controller equipped with a maximum of 16 relay outputs with switching capability. Each of them can be assigned to one or multiple events (e.g., exceeding an alarm threshold, detector malfunction).
  • Communication with external devices (e.g., signals, fans).
  • Configurable normal operation mode and service mode for each sensor individually.
  • Discrete programmable alarm channels, ranging from 3 as standard to 9 in the most advanced version.
  • Access to the controller's status through a web browser.
  • The device can operate as Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP. For this purpose, an RJ45 connector has been prepared.
  • A wide range of custom designs available upon customer request.




Sensor connection diagram.

The JBS-600 controller offers the highest functionality by allowing the installation of up to 32 sensors and the continuous monitoring and management of their status through the built-in touchscreen display. Utilizing Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP networks enables continuous remote monitoring of detailed information such as errors, gas concentrations for each sensor, alarms, and historical data. The JBS-600 features external device management functions, utilizing up to 16 relay outputs.

The user can independently program each of the sensors. Setting alarm thresholds and related actions is accessible to the user through the touchscreen panel.During an alarm occurrence, operators and staff are notified, and depending on the configuration, the controller performs pre-defined actions at that time. Relay outputs can be freely programmed with navigational signals, horns, or fan control.





The system is primarily designed to collaborate with an existing, installed intelligent gas detector from the C3-NET or NET-EX series.
In the case of designing and installing a new detection system, it is recommended to use NET-EX or C3-NET sensors equipped with Modbus digital outputs, connected to the MB, MC, or ASIX control system.
The digital Modbus signal, unlike the analog 4-20 mA signal, is an unaltered and indisputable signal that ensures above-average information security.

Main screen



Type: Gas controler
Standard inputs: Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
Optional inputs: 8 ÷ 32 sensors with outputs 4-20 mA
Display: 4" Color Touchscreen Display (480x320)
Power supply: 24VDC max. 5A (directly or through a power supply 230VAC/24VDC)
Digital output ports: Modbus RTU through the output RJ45

Modbus TCP through the output Ethernet

Temperature/Relative Humidity: 0 to +40 ºC;    20-70 %
Dimensions: 79,75x225x174,8mm
Certifications: CE
ATEX: Not available (Note: ATEX available for NET-EX series sensors)