JB6-NET Short Open Patch IR Detector


Measurement reliability and response time become critical factors in combustible gas detection.

The new Short Open Path IR sensor is the answer for increasing market demand.

Specifically developed to isolate measurements immune from ambient humidity changes and T90 below 10 seconds, the JB6-NET strongly improve traditional performances of Infrared sensor to detect Methane, Propane and other Hydrocarbons in LEL range.


The sensor uses an infrared energy source and two pyroelectric detectors, each sensitive to different ranges of wavelengths in the spectrum’s infrared portion. The Active detector is sensitive in the range of absorption of the target gas, while the Reference detector is not. The IR source is directed through a glass window into an open gas chamber. The light is reflected by a mirror at the end of the chamber back into the main enclosure and into the pyroelectric detectors. The presence of target gas in the measurement chamber reduces the intensity reaching the Active detector but not the one reaching the Reference detector. The ratio of the two signals is computed in a combustible gas concentration by the sensor microprocessor through proprietary algorithm.


Infrared technology dependability eliminates the need for frequent calibrations and the sensor life is not impacted by exposure to gas, resulting in a dramatic reduction of Total Cost of Ownership.


The new Open Path IR sensor  has advantiges:

  • The unit is a full conformity ATEX and IECEx explosion proof IR detector head for surface applications.
  • Front thread (¾”, 1” or M20) to be easily mounted on a standard gas detector housing.
  • Standard analogue (voltage/current) or customized output.
  • Digital output with Modbus and UART P2P protocol.
  • Supplied within a compact, weatherproof enclosure with rain cover. Optional dust and hydrophobic filters are available.
  • SIL2 rated, for certified dependability (fail-safe detection)