JB-FT1000 Laser gas detector with pump

JB-FT1000 Laser gas detector with pump

Laser gas detector with pump is an ideal solution for precise and fast scanning of the environment for gas leaks.


The JB-FT1000 offers fast and accurate response to gas. Due to the use of the latest technology in the gas detection industry, the device shows incredible sensitivity to gases in the environment but also surprising durability.


The JB-FT1000 can simultaneously detect concentrations of gases such as methane and ethane while accurately distinguishing the previously mentioned gases from natural gas and biogases.


The device sends real-time information to any chosen mobile device. Data reading is possible through the manufacturer's free application. Analysis of data collected by mobile devices is possible through the application or by sending data to a computer.


By using wavelength-locking technology in the built-in gas chamber, the JB-FT1000 laser detector is always accurate and precise. Through this solution, our detector doesn't need regular calibration.


The device can be installed directly on handcarts, electric vehicles (e.g. scooter) or cars. This solution has significantly improved the convenience of use, but also improves the efficiency of leak detection and more accurate positioning.

The JB-FT1000 gas detector has been tested and is ATEX compliant.



  • High sensitivity to ambient gases
  • Variety of ways to mount the device
  • Reliability, no need for regular calibration of the device
  • Communication with mobile devices and computers (IOS, ANDROID, PC)

Technical specificationsDetected gases

Detected gases Methane, Ethan
Measurement range 0-100% VOL
Sensitivity 1 ppm (Methane) , 5ppm (Ethan)
Response time <0.1s
Explosion-proof class Ex ib IIC T3 Gb
Leakage class IP66
Units ppm, %lel, %vol
Working time 10 hours
Display and alarms LCD display + audible alarm
Battery 11.1V 3250mAh
Operating temperature -20 - 50
Weight 1000g
Dimensions 155mm*130mm*60mm

Formula Gas name Range
CH4 Methane 0-100%VOL, 0-20000ppm
C2H6 Ethan 0-100%VOL,0-20000ppm

Technical documents:


JB-FT1000 User Manual





Declaration of Conformity: