JB-FT2000 Laser gas leak detection system

The JB-FT2000 is a system that automatically monitors the environment to find and inform of a gas leak that has occurred.


The JB-FT2000 gas detection system is equipped with rotating cameras that allow movement in both vertical and horizontal axes. The cameras have also been equipped with image zooming functions so that the location of the leak can be determined much more precisely. The device also has infrared night vision functions. Thanks to this solution, our device allows for constant viewing even in difficult lighting conditions.


Each JB-FT2000 system is equipped with a laser methane detector and a video camera. The detector, thanks to the modern technology used, allows measurement at a distance of up to 200 meters and the camera used in the device gives a continuous real-time view.


The connection between the JB-FT2000 system and the user is made possible by linking the device via LAN to any selected devices. Thanks to the manufacturer's software, the user gains the ability to constantly view the status of the device and access the data sent by the monitoring system.


Due to the use of a permanent connection between the JB-FT2000 system and a computer, the user gets the opportunity to add an unlimited number of measuring points from which, directly through the network, data is immediately sent to the computer.


To improve safety, our system, in the event of a gas leak, immediately transmits a video that includes information about the exact position of the leak and its concentration. The system automatically activates any pre-programmed alarms to inform those in the dangerous area of the danger.

The JB-FT2000 system has been tested and certified in accordance with the ATEX directive.


  • Ability to take measurements at distances of up to 200 meters
  • Accurate positioning and real-time calibration capability
  • No limited number of measurement points
  • Night vision system
  • Ability to connect multiple computers on a LAN simultaneously
  • Multi-point scanning at the alarm site

Technical specifications

Detected gases Methane
Measurement range 0ppm*m - 100000ppm*m
Maximum measure distance 200m
Sensitivity 2.5 ppm*m
Response time <0.05s
Explosion-proof class Ex d IIC T6 Gb / ExtDA21 IP68 T80
Leakage class IP68
Movement range Vertical 360°, Horisontal 90°
Movement speed 0.1°-40°/s
Measure point No limit
Power supply AC110V/AC220V lub DC24V
Laser class Detector laser: Class1

Spotter laser: Class IIIR

Weight 35kg
Dimesions 502mm*292mm*443mm

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