JBS-420 Gas Detector


The JBS-420 gas detector is the ideal solution for monitoring concentrations and detecting gas leaks.

Due to its small size, it can be installed in hard-to-reach places. The JBS-420 is a versatile device that is popular for its performance and flexibility.

The device allows customization of sensors according to customer needs. JBS-420 is equipped with a wide range of communication interfaces. Our gas detector provides wireless communication via mobile devices as standard.

The solid design of the case provides IP66 protection so that the device can be installed in the most difficult environments. Internal temperature compensation based on the built-in temperature sensor allows to significantly reduce the error of gas concentration reading.

The JBS-420 can operate as separate device but also as part of a larger detection system.


Device features:

  • Flexible choice of sensors
  • Possibility to mount 1 or 2 sensors
  • RS485, BLE interfaces, 2 relay outputs and physical buttons
  • Simple and intuitive application for monitoring and managing the detector
  • Bright, multi-color status indication
  • Internal electronic ambient temperature compensation
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Solid and durable design
  • Compact size and low weight of the device
  • IP66 protection


Specification of detected gasesConfigurationSpecificationReplacement parts

For gases or detection ranges not shown in the list below, please contact the manufacturer.

Gas Sensor type
HC Catalytic 0-100%LEL
NH3 Catalytic 0-100%LEL
H2 Catalytic 0-100%LEL
CH4 NDIR 0-100%LEL (4,4%Vol)
C8H8 NDIR 0-100%LEL
C3H8 NDIR 0-100%LEL (1,7%Vol)
CO2 NDIR 0-5000ppm, 0-5%Vol
SF6 NDIR 0-1000/2000ppm
R134a i pochodne NDIR, Semiconductor 0-1000/2000ppm
CO Electrochemical 0-300ppm
H2S Electrochemical 0-100/2000ppm
NH3 Electrochemical 0-100/300ppm, 0-1000/5000ppm
NO2 Electrochemical 0-30ppm
NO Electrochemical 0-300ppm
CL2 Electrochemical 0-10ppm
SO2 Electrochemical 0-20ppm
O2 Electrochemical 0-25%Vol

Detector configuration options

  • 1 or 2 selected gases from the table in the "Specification of detected gases" tab

Power supply parameters
1 Voltage: 19,2-30VDC
2 Power: <2,5W
Environmental conditions
3 Operating temperature: -40 oC < Ta <60 oC
NOTE: Operating temperature limited by the type of
sensor - contact the manufacturer
4 Relative humidity: max. 20 - 80% RH
NOTE: Relative humidity limited by the type of
sensor - contact the manufacturer
5 Height limit: 1000m
6 Pressure: 1013hPa +/-10%
Digital communication
7 Communication protocol Modbus RTU
8 Interface: RS485
9 Default parameters: 9600baud 8N1
Built-in signals
10 Optical: Four-color
11 Acoustic: Electromagnetic buzzer 85dB@10cm
Other parameters:
12 Head material: Polyamide
13 Case material: ABS + PC
14 Weight: <1,0kg
15 Frequency of service inspections: At least once a year for Electrochemical and NDIR sensors
At least twice a year for catalytic and semiconductor sensors
16 Electrical protection class: III
17 IP protection class: IP66
18 Cable inlets: 2/3 pc: M20x1,5
19 Installation method: 4 slots fi 5mm
20 Cross-section of wires for the terminal connector: 0,03-2,5mm2


# Name Description
1 M20 cable gland M20x1.5 polyamide cable gland
2 Set of installation screws Set of M4 installation screws
3 Control board Internal control board
4 Sensor head Sensor head
5 Calibration gas Test gas for calibration
6 Tide regulator Tide regulator for test gas




Driver USB-COM









Declaration of conformity

Deklaracja zgodności JBS-420


User Manual JBS-420