NET-EX sensor


Smart-of-the-art ATEX/IECEx gas sensor  with integrated electronic PLC module.
NET-EX sensor is new solution ATEX class with 4-20 mA and Modbus outputs, closed in aluminium-stainlees steel enclosure.

To integrated electronic module can be plugged electrochemical, infrared or pellistor sensor. NET-EX is mounted in 2-part flameproof enclosure: buttom part has a filter made from stainless steel felt, which permit gases,  electronic module and measuring cell, top part has connection plate, safety components and LEDs.

The selected sensor is mounted in a special protective capsule, keeping it in the right position, guaranteeing the highest efficiency of its work.

The universality of the housing and the set of protective capsules allow the installation of standard electrochemical oxygen and toxic gas sensors.

The NET-EX two-piece housing allows easy sensor replacement. The lower part of the housing has an M46X1.5 thread for easy mounting of accessories or additional dust filter.

NET-EX enclosure has been tested and is certified according to the ATEX  directives.
Dust protection and IP increase is available on request as an additional thread-mounted adapter.


  • 4-20 mA output for connectin with analog systems
  • RS485 (Modbus) for working with new digital systems
  • Tree big LEDs visible from afar
  • Copatibility with IR, EC and perlistors sensors
  • The system is delivered complete with a configured and calibrated sensor
  • Non-standard designs are available on request
  • Easy calibration in the field
  • Software for sensor management
  • Full compatibility with ATEX
  • 9-30 VDC power
  • avaliable in standard version, with a head on a cable or with angular head
  • full stainless steel version of head avaliable on a request





The uniqueness of the solution:

NET-EX sersors have outputs:

  • 4-20 mA for cooperation with older  BMS, SCADA, PLC systems
  • Modbus RTU for cooperation with new BMS, SCADA, PLC for comunication via digital nets, in particular with dedicated systems such as MB, BZ and JBSM JBK production
  • service and alarms signals
  • blockade against damage to the sensor (overrange blocade)
  • setting parameters stored in the memory of the measuring sensor electronics


Modbus RTU port allow to:

  • building extensive digital networks with gas sensors with a length of one line up to over 1 km
  • getting full control over the sensor through access to its microprocessor
  • the ability to perform remote procedures on the sensor controller, including the remote sending of calibration messages
  • continuous, unmodifiable and undeniable measurement of sensor status, including digital readout of data, alarms, errors
  • collecting historical data in BMS, SCADA, PLC systems.


Safe, robust housing for many applications

  • The housing, which is a combination of aluminum and stainless steel, is adapted to a wide range of environmental conditions
  • The housing with a tempered glass visor, the construction of the housing with a very high fire resistance and a specially selected separation filter of the sensor chamber with dispersion of gas energy mean that the instrument retains its functionality for a very long time from the outbreak of the fire
  • The Ex "d" version allows for direct connection of devices (control panel) outside the explosion hazard zone, without the need to incur additional material and labor costs for the installation of intrinsically safe barriers.


Ergonomics and safety

  • The sensor connection housing allows the sensor to be installed separately from the distribution housing
  • The distribution box is installed in a conveniently visible and accessible place, and the measuring sensor is close enough to the expected gas cloud, often in a hard-to-reach place.


Standard executions:

Gas code type of cell Range
Hydrocarbons HC Pellistor 0-100% LEL
Ammonia NH3 Pellistor 0-100% LEL
Hydrogen H2 Pellistor 0-100% LEL
Methane CH4 NDIR 0-100% LEL (4,4%Vol)
Methane CH4 NDIR 0-100% LEL (5,0%Vol)
Propane C3H8 NDIR 0-100% LEL (1,7%Vol)
Propane C3H8 NDIR 0-100% LEL (2,1%Vol)
Carbon Dioxide CO2 NDIR 0-5000 ppm
Carbon Dioxide CO2 NDIR 0-5% vol
Sulfur Hexafluoride SF6 NDIR 0-1000ppm/2000ppm
R-134a i pochodne R134a NDIR 0-1000ppm/2000ppm
Carbon Monoxide CO electrochemical 0-300 ppm
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S electrochemical 0-100 ppm
Amonia NH3 electrochemical 0-100 ppm/300ppm
Amonia NH3 electrochemical 0-1000 ppm/5000ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 electrochemical 0-30 ppm
Nitrogen Oxide NO electrochemical 0-300 ppm
Chlorine CL2 electrochemical 0-10 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 electrochemical 0-20 ppm
Oxygen O2 electrochemical 0-25% vol

Tomorrow's technology

NDIR (non-dispersive infrared) technology, the newest infrared technology, joined with dedicated electronic PCB enables unprecedented quality, stability and detection repeatability.
The advantage of the offered NDIR sensors is the practical lack of zero drift and read value.

Higher price, over a minimum of 5 years, it is more than compensated by avoiding expensive ones periodic sensor calibration.
You can find out more in the FAQ.


NET-EX data sheet

NET-EX documentation

NET-EX head dimensions

NET-Ex distribution box dimensions

NET-EX Atex certificate

NET-EX Declaration of conformity CE, version 3G




Distribution box NET-Ex Std NET-Ex Cab NET-Ex Ang
distribution box NET-Ex (dwg) NET-EX standard Autocad (dwg) NET-EX on a cable (dwg) NET-EX angular head (dwg)
NET-EX standard (STEP) NET-EX on a cable (STEP) NET-EX angular head (STEP)



NET-EX Software

FT232 Win10 driver

FT232 WIN7 driver

CH341 WIN10 driver