Wireless Gas Detector NET-EX-LORA


NET-EX-LORA is a device that uses the latest wireless communication technology in the field of gas detection.

Precision and Versatility:

The NET-EX-LORA gas detector is a fast, accurate and reliable device. The choice of sensor with which to equip the detector can be conveniently personalized at the time of purchase from the manufacturer.


The NET-EX-LORA device uses the latest data transmission systems through a wireless network, which through a carefully designed infrastructure, allows the transmission of data over long distances without interference. Thanks to the device's internal system, the connection through the sensor and the control panel is problem-free and most importantly secure.

Battery life:

The detector surprises with its very low power consumption. As a result, the device provides reliability for many years, even in harsh environments.

Communication range:

The NET-EX-LORA detector, thanks to the use of the systems described above, transmits information to the control panel several hundred meters without problems. The detector network can be extended through signal amplifiers which allows to increase the communication range by several times.


The use of high-quality materials during the construction of the device made it possible to obtain IP66 protection class and ATEX certification. Moreover, thanks to its excellent workmanship, the device is resistant to very harsh environmental conditions.


Due to the design of the gas detector and the high quality parts used in the construction of the device. NET-EX-LORA allows it to be installed in hard-to-reach places regardless of the environment in which it will be located.

NET-EX-LORA sensor has been tested and certified according to the ATEX directive.



  • High detector performance and reliability
  • Very low power consumption allowing the detector to run for many years on a single battery
  • Advanced communication system, between devices allowing a range of several hundred meters and more
  • System comes complete with fully configured, tested and calibrated sensor
  • Customization of sensors to meet customer needs
  • Simple on-site calibration
  • Software that manages the wireless network of all sensors simultaneously
  • Fully compliant ATEX certified flameproof case and IP rating

Technical specificationsDetected gases

Maximum response time <25 s
Resolution 0,01 ppm
Measurement repeatability < 2% reading value
Drift < 2% reading value per month
Sensor life >2 years in clean air
Operating temperature -40 do 50 °C
Pressure atmosphere +/- 10%
Data sending modes interval time, an alarm occurred and manually triggered by a magnetic key. Recommend max 24 messages per day
Configuration via USB cable
Battery 1 x type D LiSOCl2 3.6 V
Case Fire retardant GFP, IP66
EX Certification IMQ 14 ATEX 005 X, TÜV CY 18 ATEX 0206158 X oraz IECEx DEK 15.0048X
ATEX Certification ATEX II 2G Ex db IIC T4 Gb oraz ATEX II 2D Ex tb IIIC T135°C Db
Dimensions 170x122x77
Weight 1100g (without battery)

Gas formula
Gas name
Range (PPM) Sensor type
AsH3 Arsenic hydride 0-1 Electrochemical
CH20 Formaldehyde 0-10, 0-50, 0-1000 Electrochemical
C2H4 Ethylene 0-10, 0-200, 0-1500 Electrochemical
C2H4O Ethylene oxide 0-10, 0-100, 0-1000 Electrochemical
RCOOH Organic acids 0-100 Electrochemical
R3COH Alkohols 0-200 Electrochemical
CO Carbon monoxide 0-200, 0-500, 0-1000, 0-2000 Electrochemical
CS2 Carbon disulfate 0-100 Electrochemical
Cl2, Br2 Chlorine, Bromine 0-20, 0-200 Electrochemical
ClO2 Chlorine dioxide 0-5 Electrochemical
H2 Hydrogen 0-1000, 0-4000, 0-40000 Electrochemical
H2O2 Hydrogen peroxide 0-100, 0-500, 0-2000, 0-5000 Electrochemical
H2S Hydrogen sulfate 0-50, 0-100, 0-500, 0-2000 Electrochemical
HCl Hydrochlorine 0-20, 0-200 Electrochemical
HF Flurohydrogen 0-10 Electrochemical
HCN Hydrocyanide 0-50 Electrochemical
NH3 Ammonia 0-100, 0-500, 0-1000, 0-2000, 0-10000 Electrochemical
NO Nitric oxide 0-25, 0-250, 0-1000 Electrochemical
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide 0-20, 0-100, 0-500 Electrochemical
O2 Oxygen 0-1%, 0-30% Electrochemical
O3 Ozone 0-5, 0-100 Electrochemical
PH3 Phosphine 0-5, 0-20, 0-200, 0-2000 Electrochemical
SO2 Sulfur dioxide 0-20, 0-100, 0-200, 0-1000, 0-2000, 0-10000 Electrochemical
CO2 Carbon dioxide NDIR
CH4 Methane NDIR
C2H6 Ethan NDIR
C2H4 Ethene NDIR
C3H8 Propane NDIR

If you need information about gases not listed in the table, please contact us.

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