Multi-gas detector with pump

  • Sensor with high sensitivity measurement
  • Built-in 32-bit MCU with high reliability and self-adaptability
  • Easy to use
  • Colorful LCD display, more intuitive, clear indicators
  • Compact design, easy to carry
  • Durable materials, anti-slip rubber cover
  • Waterproof and dustproof, Explosion-proof
  • Recording up to 1200 pieces of data, communication with computer via software
  • Ability to print data records, store data records, analyze data
  • Intrinsic safety, ATEX certificate




The JB-M6K portable gas detector with built-in pump is a new smart gas detector that uses an advanced integrated circuit with standard smart level measurement technology and proprietary digital-analog hybrid communication technology. The detector has excellent sensitivity and repeatability, making it very easy to use and maintain. As a result, it perfectly meets the safety requirements of high-reliability industrial plants. The detector is made of high-strength enerineering plastics and an anti-slip rubber compound that provides great durability and a good hand feel. The detector is resistant to water and dust. It has an explosion-proof design.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental, metallugical and distribution, biochemical medicine, agriculture and other industries.

The LI-Ion battery can run for 8 hours and will be fully charge in less than 6 hours. In case of loosing factory charger it is possible to charge battery with standard chargers. The JB-M6K is easy to calibrate with test gas cylinders. The JB-M6K is designed based on compact and proven sensors, using catalytic combustion, elektrochemical and galvanic technologies. Each sensor is manufactured with the same high quality control that has made the sensor and tool the most reliable and long-lasting monitoring devices in the industry.



SpecificationApplicationConfigurationOperating parametersTypical parts

The JB-M6K is designed with compact and proven sensors using catalytic combustion, electrochemical and galanic technologies. Each sensor manufactured with the same high quality control that has made the sensors and tool the most reliable and long-lasting monitoring devices in the industry.

Model Range L-alarm H-alarm typ sensora
CO 0-1000ppm 35ppm 200ppm EC
O2 0-30%vol 19.5%vol 23.5%vol EC
H2 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL CT
H2S 0-100ppm 10ppm 20ppm EC
CH4 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL CT
C2H4O 0-20ppm 10ppm 15ppm EC
C2H4 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL CT
C3H8 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL CT
C2H5OH 0-100%LEL 20%LEL 50%LEL CT
NH3 0-100ppm 25ppm 50ppm EC
CL2 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm EC
O3 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm EC
SO2 0-20ppm 2ppm 5ppm EC
PH3 0-20ppm 0.3ppm 5ppm EC
CO2 0-50000ppm 1000ppm 2000ppm EC
NO 0-250ppm 20ppm 50ppm EC
NO2 0-20ppm 5ppm 10ppm EC
HCN 0-500ppm 10ppm 20ppm EC
HCL 0-50ppm 10ppm 20ppm EC
CH2O 0-10ppm 2ppm 5ppm EC
VOC 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm SC
C6H6 0-100ppm 20ppm 50ppm EC

  • Personal monitoring
  • Open and confined spaces
  • Refineries/Petrochemicals
  • Tools
  • Dangerous materials
  • Fire department services
  • Construcion

Detector configuration options

  • 4 chosen gases: LEL, O2, CO, H2S, NO, PH3, NH3, NO2, HCN, SO2 or others

Gas sampling Natural diffusion
Gases Combustible gases, H2S, CO, O2 and others
Accuracy ≦±5% F.S.
Response time ≦30s
Display LCD , With a time indicator and system status

LED, audio and vibration alerts when a gas leak, error or low battery is detected.

Temperature and Humidity -20℃~50℃ for toxic gases

-40℃~70℃ for Ex zone

<95%RH (non-condensing)

Battery DC3.7V Li-on, 3200mAh
Charging time 6h~8h
Working time ≧8h (without alarms)
Sensors live 2 lata
ATEX II 3G Ex ic IIB T3 Gc
Protection level IP65
Weight +/- 500g (including battery )
Dimensions 147mm×67mm×47mm(L × W × H)



# Numer Opis
1 JB-M6K-Body Case cover
2 JB-M6K-Bat Battery, Li-ion
3 JB-M6K-O2 Sensor, Oxygen (O2)
4 JB-M6K-LEL Sensor, LEL,
5 JB-M6K-CO Sensor, Carbon Monoxide (CO)
6 JB-M6K-H2S Sensor, Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
7 JB-M6K-NO Sensor, Nitric Oxide (NO)
8 JB-M6K-NO2 Sensor, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
9 JB-M6K-NH3 Sensor, Ammonia (NH3)
10 JB-M6K-HCN Sensor, Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN)
11 JB-M6K-SO2 Sensor, Sulfur Dioxide (SO2)
12 JB-M6K-PH3 Sensor, Phosphine (PH3)

Technical documentation

Driver USB-COM

CH341SER_32_bit   lub CH341SER_64_bit









Conformity declaration