Minimising leaks of damaging gases to the atmosphere has become increasingly important in the last 10 years.

Research in the 80’s proved that man-made substances including CFC’s, HCFC’s, and halons cause severe depletion of the Ozone layer.  Each chlorine atom can destroy up to 100,000 ozone molecules before it is removed from the stratosphere.

Children born today have up to 10% greater risk of contracting skin cancer due to the damage in the Ozone layer and the resulting increase exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.

In addition to this, a second threat has been identified as many ozone-depleting substances contribute to Global Warming and Climate Change.  There is serious impact on a wide variety of sectors including the availability of fresh water, food supply and health.

Users of gas detection equipment can be seen to be environmentally concerned by pursuing best industry practise.

Impact on the natural environment